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Do you have Presentation and Public Speaking Nerves at

  • Networking Events?
  • Conferences?
  • Business Meetings?

Are these true for you?

  • Does a pounding heart and shaky voice keep you from being your professional best?
  • Are you uncomfortable sharing your ideas in a group?
  • Is your career being held back because you're avoiding public speaking?
  • Do you waste countless hours worrying about every time you need to make a presentation?
  • Do you know you could close more sales if you weren't so nervous?

Here's the problem:
Most presentation courses are just simple tips and then you're told to practice 50-100 times and the anxiety will fade.  You can't afford to give 50-100 more poor presentations to get it right.  You only have one opportunity to impress the audience, the director, the client, or the prospect.

It doesn't have to be that way
Instead, what if you get rid of the nerves and anxiety now, so you can immediately start giving great presentations?

Imagine if you could:
  • Be fully composed, in control and confident so your presentation is your absolute professional best.
  • Excel at networking, business meetings, conferences and sales calls.
  • Advance your career by enjoying public speaking.
  • Dramatically increase your sales conversions
"Eve, I just wanted to let you know that I did the 'big' presentation to the Board today and it all went really well. I almost didn't recognise myself I was so confident! I wasn't phased once I was up there and I didn't shake at all physically - and I was standing up in front of a group of people presenting!  Two months ago that would have been unbelievable - I couldn't have faced it. I have since received very positive feedback on how good I was."

"I have a program for you that will allow you to significantly overcome presentation anxiety.  I've worked with a number of people in your situation and they have had incredible transformation.  This is possible for other people and it's possible for you."  ​​​

Using hypnosis to help - Public Speaking Anxiety - Interview Nerves - Best Man Speeches
You know when you have a business presentation to do and you get that adrenaline rush - the heart pounds, the palms sweat.  On the day this results in a poor delivery of what may be good material on an excellent product or service but the audience is distracted by the presenter and misses the value of the presentation.

A nervous presenter can impact directly on the business, wasting hard won, valuable opportunities.  In a sales presentation this could lose the sale and in an internal meeting the knowledge transfer is weak limiting the team’s effectiveness. In both cases valuable communication is prevented and credibility suffers.

The difference between a confident presentation and a nervous one is certainly worth thousands of £s so it is crucial to channel that nervous energy into a positive business experience, creating value for the audience and ensuring that they take positive action as a result of what they have heard.

As a specialist, I’ve helped many people within business and large corporations become confident and powerful speakers, delivering effective, engaging presentations that successfully deliver  the message  to their audience. 

The difference is improved confidence; the benefits are greater sales, improved teamwork, effective communication and increased credibility.

Where I am different, most business training focuses on the content and practical aspects of presentations, but I help the person make a change from within themselves to remove those fears.   
You may never have considered using hypnotherapy to help improve your presentation skills but hypnosis can help you to:

  • Present confidently
  • Feel comfortable speaking in front of people
  • Keep your focus on your audience
  • Engender a "can do" attitude
  • Remain calm, alert and in control
  • Talk easier in formal or informal groups
  • Feel positive about presentations

The benefits are enormous to you professionally and personally.

You can replace and prevent those feelings of panic with the use of hypnosis and restore confidence, control and calmness.  Taking it a stage further, you can even learn to enjoy the situation and make a good impression!

To find out more 01737 842 683 or email.

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