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"I contacted Eve on the recommendation of a friend who had been having great success with her weight loss.

I have struggled with weight gain and overeating most of my life and could not see a way to change.  From my very first session with Eve my eating habits changed dramatically and I have not been tempted to touch anything but healthy food since then. 

Eve also helped provide me with coping strategies for dealing with stressful situations at work and gave me excellent guidance to develop a more positive outlook on life.


I was wandering around Next today looking at the new party clothes etc and suddenly recalled how approx one year ago I received your call in response to my enquiry about hypnotherapy to lose weight. I was in Next feeling thoroughly miserable about how overweight I was whilst shopping with my daughter last year and I took your call and made my first two appointments with you.  I was size 18-20 and weighed 14 stone at that time.

I am pleased to tell you that exactly one year later I have just bought myself a pair of size 12 leggings in that same shop and I now weigh 9 stone 10lbs!

I started eating healthily and losing weight straight after my first session with you last year. I joined Slimming World to get group support and guidance and achieved my target weight.

I am not only healthier and happier as a result but have also taken on board more positive thinking which has helped me in my work and personal life tremendously. I have also discontinued my anti-depressant medication.

Thank you once again for making a huge difference in my life.

Maureen R, Reading

Fear of Injections 

"I write to let you know how my son got on with his two vaccinations following our hypnotherapy sessions with you back in January and February this year.

In short, it was a spectacular success. 

The appointment was for 10.50am so he went to school as normal and I collected him at 10.30am.  Previously, this would have been sufficient time for him to have worked himself up into a frenzy of nerves and dread but instead, he was calm and ready.  He had some butterflies en route but we did the calming breathing and a spot of tapping and all was well.  He was nervous about the pain of the vaccination but in a lucid and reasonable way and we did some more tapping around that.  We chatted and joked in the waiting room and even the eventual loud buzz of the display board calling us in, did not phase him. 

We sat and chatted with Hazel, our Nurse, prior to the vaccinations.  He was a little nervous, to be expected, but totally in control, no tears, no shaking and chatty as usual. He lay on the bed and asked Hazel if he could do a 3,2,1 countdown before she did the first vaccination so he knew when it was coming. She administered the first one and he was amazed and said “ that didn’t hurt at all!”  

He was genuinely surprised and delighted.  It was an amazing moment for us and could not have been further away from his previous behaviours in this situation.  He happily rolled over and had the second vaccination, again with his 3,2,1 countdown and whilst he felt that one more, again he was completely in control and calm.  We could not stop grinning – it was simply brilliant.

We left the surgery on a high and were slightly dazed at the magnitude of difference in his level of control and calmness.  I was especially impressed as it had been some months since our sessions with you and whilst we have used the controlled breathing and tapping techniques for other issues in the interim, I was a little apprehensive that we had left it too long.

So many, many thanks to you Eve for totally transforming his ability to deal with vaccinations.  Anyone watching that appointment would have had absolutely no clue as to how hysterical and frightened he used to be concerning vaccinations. 

It was a real pleasure to witness his transformation and I was incredibly proud of him."

C M, Reigate                 

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"Eve, Just a quick note to let you know  that the speech and wedding was  a huge success, no nerves or shortage of breath etc it just went great. One of the best days of my life, I was worried the speech was going to spoil the day but it didn't and everybody said how much they enjoyed it.

Thank you very much for what you have done, I would phone you but I have lost my voice with this damn cold and cough. I hope you haven't caught it."

Self Confidence

"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all you did for me. 

My wedding was fantastic, a very stressful lead up but the actual day I was a cool and calm cookie!  Even the photographer said he had never seen a bride so calm and relaxed.

I sailed through my vows, spoke clearly and actually quite loud - I didn't have a care in the world, no racing heart or panics - nothing, just felt happy and really enjoyed the whole day.

It's all thanks to YOU - I truly believe you helped me. Thank you so much."

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"I contacted Eve via the internet around 3 months ago, due to a drink problem that I had.  

With all the stress I had of running my own business I found that I was drinking most nights and excessive amounts, until I could not remember what I had done.

This would happen at weekends too, so I decided to seek help, before it ruined my life!

When I saw Eve for the first time, we agreed to have a number of sessions and to stop me from drinking for two months.  I thought if this can work I've cracked it and to my amazement! I have stopped drinking for over four months. 

It changed my life.  I am healthier and a better Dad and husband.  This weekend I am doing a triathlon and I would not have stood a chance to do that sort of thing before."


"Eve.....I do think that what you have done has made a big difference to me. I no longer come in and get a glass of wine, nor do I want to. 

I seem to be in control for once, which I haven’t had for such a long time, even my husband has noticed the difference and he is in complete agreement with me over this."


"Hello Eve,  Just a quick line to thank you for helping me control and ultimately changing my drinking habit.

My want was, and still is well under my control. The desire for a drink is not there and my new habit of not drinking is now the norm.

Thank you very Much!

I am converted from a previous skeptic to a preacher of your work!


"Just a short note to thank you so much for helping me give up alcohol, you have changed my life. I could not have done it without your hypnotherapy or your support. 

My attitude and relationship has totally changed towards drinking. I can now sit in the pub with my husband whilst he's drinking and I'm enjoying my sparking water, really enjoying my sparkling water - not to mention it's taken years off my face and the wine 'belt' has gone - a huge bonus!  I'm nicer to be around and I've saved a fortune in taxis!


"For many years I have suffered from depression and stress, I had always used alcohol as a way to cope and escape when life became too much for me.

Over the last four years my dependence on alcohol had increase and became a real problem that was affecting and threatening to destroy my life, my family and my work. I was stuck in a cycle of depression and felt the only cure or option was a drink to help me though.

I decided that I no longer wanted to be ruled by alcohol and tried a number of ways to stop. I went to AA but found group therapy did not work for me, I also had one on one counselling for depression and I had CBT therapy but although the counselling and therapy worked initially for me, I soon slipped back into my cycle after a few weeks.

I had heard about hypnosis being used for depression and relaxation decided that it could maybe help me to cure my cycle of depression and help to control my drinking.

I noticed an immediate change following my first appointment with Eve, although at times I still felt the need for a drink the urge not to have one became stronger and for the first time in a long time I felt more in control of my life and drinking.

I suddenly had my life back and I started to enjoy life again, I also felt very relaxed and calm for weeks after my first appointment and knew that I had finally found a way to help me beat my addiction to alcohol in a way I had never thought possible before.

I think the most amazing thing about my whole experience is I have not felt the need for a drink for many months now and I have not had any depression either. I would never had believed that life could be so good and I could be so happy and in control of my own life.

I enjoy life now, I have joinedthe gym and started to tackle many of the things in my life that were causing me pain and stress.

My relationship with my children has improved and I feel closer to them now in a way I didn’t feel before. My relationship with my husband and parents which was at breaking point has improved, the trust has returned as well as the laughter and happy times we had before my depression and drinking took hold.

I no longer need or want a drink and do not see a point in my life where I will. Four months ago I would never have believe any of this was possible. I only saw alcohol and escape as the solution to everything that was causing me pain. I now see that alcohol was the real problem for me and now Hypnosis has released me from my addiction to alcohol. I’m getting my life back and my family are getting me back."

Marie J, Thames Ditton

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Heading 3

Stress and Anxiety

"I first visited Eve after a prolonged period of great stress and illness which had left me feeling very anxious and extremely sad.

I found it difficult to face the day and was a complete nervous wreck at work. I felt I could not cope and experienced a sense of hopelessness. I am usually such a happy, bubbly person, usually out with the girls or planning my next adventure abroad - these new emotions were frightening.

My GP suggested that I try hypnotherapy and a friend suggested that I try the Surrey Hypnosis Clinic, which was when I got in touch with Eve.

At my first session with Eve I was unsure what to expect, but I was quickly put at ease as Eve explained how the therapy would work and we discussed what I hoped to get out of it.

I was reassured that this therapy is not anything to worry about and I would not lose control of my mind or anything like that.

Most importantly, Eve's work does not focus on how you have been feeling, but how you want to feel - so you can move forward to a better way of feeling and thinking.

The hypnosis itself is very relaxing and a really positive experience, after my first session I came away feeling more positive about the future and importantly, I felt hopeful.

I had three sessions in total with Eve and learnt a number of techniques, such as self hypnosis, that enabled me to continue the therapy work at home.

I can honestly say that these sessions made a positive difference to the way I felt, which not only helped me at the time, but have enabled me to learn and continue these life skills for the future."
Stop Smoking

"Eve, I have to say I am amazed at how easily I have managed to not smoke since I saw you.  I have been in virtually all of the 'danger zones' that we discussed since and have largely not been at all bothered about smoking. 

I even played golf yesterday with a good friend of mine who smoked my favourite brand of cigarettes the whole way round the course and I wasn't the slightest bit tempted."


"Since I’ve seen you I have not felt like a cigarette, not had a cigarette, not gone near a cigarette and not even been bothered by other people smoking them.

Thank you very much – it worked brilliantly”.


Hello Eve, I meant to email you on Friday but got caught up with work all day and it went from my mind!

Friday was 4 weeks since I had come to see you and 4 weeks since I had a cigarette.  In those 4 weeks I have been doing all the things that were major factors in my smoking and have had no trouble being a non-smoker.  There have been though, one or two moments when I have thought 'I would love a cigarette right  now' and then almost immediately I realise I actually don't - it's just the situation ie a big meal and wine at home!

I will be honest and say that when I left I wasn't sure how it was going to work and how much I had felt I'd  gone along with it. I had a sleep when I got in and that evening went out with my brother (who smokes) for a meal and many drinks and I was fine.
I feel like I was never even a smoker. 

So, I have to thank you for helping me greatly in achieving something I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to do."

Driving Nerves

"My instructor is very impressed that I am not nervous anymore, I just have to knuckle down on my driving skills." 
Dental Phobia

"Hi Eve, you will be pleased to know that I have been to the Dentist and had treatment.  All in a controlled way and it is really nice to have put that part of my life to bed.

Thanks for your assistance in this. I would not have managed the positive outlook without you."

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