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Stop Smoking

Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Tadworth Surrey
​with EVE KELSEY, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, D.Hy, PDCHyp, MBSCH

Are you determined to make changes to your life but you don't know how?

Have you tried other therapies and found they haven't quite worked for you?

Eve can help you change unwanted behaviours or habits and address anxieties through expert hypnotherapy and clinically proven anxiety management techniques, often resolving issues in only two or three sessions.​​

Hypnosis helps many people transform how they feel and behave, overcome health issues or relieve anxieties. 

Hypnotherapy could help you to move forward, deal with everyday challenges, and make the most of life's opportunities.

Eve can see you in the comfort of the Tadworth clinic, easily accessible from everywhere around the Surrey, Sussex, Kent borders.  If you would like to hear more, call the Surrey Hypnosis Clinic on 01737 842 683 or email.

Where can hypnosis help?

Here are just some of the conditions that hypnosis can help you with.  Some of the following have additional information:

  • Alcohol - to stop or to reduce habitual drinking, to stop or reduce excessive drinking
  • Smoking - to stop smoking
  • Weight Loss - eating habits: to help to stop eating particular foods, or to stop the snacking in between meals, to help you eat smaller portions and to stop eating when you’re feeling full.  
  • Public speaking - presentations, interview nerves, best man speech
  • Anxiety - to gain confidence and self-esteem issues
  • Confidence - to gain self assurance, feeling good and positive about yourself
  • Fears - to reduce or eliminate fear of flying, fear of needles and injections, fear of dental treatment 
  • Phobias - spiders, butterflies, moths, wasps
  • Trichotilomania - to stop or reduce hair pulling 
  • Stress - to gain a different outlook and perspective on situations
  • IVF and Fertility - to reduce stress, gain a sense of control, maintain a positive attitude
  • Habits - to stop biting nails, to stop thumb sucking, to stop smoking

Stop Smoking Hypnosis
Need help to give up smoking?  Enjoy your last cigarettes, come in for a stop smoking hypnosis session and leave as a non-smoker.  Stop smoking using hypnotherapy is the answer for social and heavy smokers.  All you have to do is sit back in a comfortable nice chair and relax.  Hypnotherapy makes it so easy!  Stop Smoking​​​​

Alcohol Reduction Hypnotherapy - Hypnosis for drinking
Rapid results can be produced with the use of hypnosis.  To learn more:  Stop or reduce and to control alcohol drinking habits and alcohol dependency

Weight Loss Hypnosis
Weight loss with hypnotherapy is about taking back control and being confident in the way you think about food and respond in the presence of food. 

Eating habits can be readily changed - if you snack on chocolate or cheese, eat too many potatoes or crisps,  or if it is just continual eating and looking in the fridge - even if it's empty - hypnotherapy puts you back in control.  You become in charge of you again - no longer a slave to snacking and addictions.

Weight Control and Weight Loss - we don't do diets as they are a short term fix.  For weight loss to be permanent, control has to be established and the reason for overeating treated.  Hypnotherapy to loose weight the easy way:

​Anxiety Hypnotherapy and EMDR and EFT
Anxiety is a state of mind that we all experience from time to time.  At times it can become excessive or out of control.  Hypnosis can alleviate anxiety and bring about a rapid change in the way you feel and respond.  For more information: Anxiety​​

Hypnotherapy for Phobias
However irrational your fear, that fear and anxiety is real to you and it can have a terrible effect on your life.  Whatever the phobia, hypnotherapy can give you back control, to be free of your fears, and allow you to go where you want and do what you want.  To find out more:  Phobias

Panic Attack Hypnosis - Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and PTSD with Hypnotherapy and EMDR
Panic attacks are a common condition and are psychologically founded.  Use hypnotherapy to regain control and become much more calm in situations.  Using EMDR can help reduce trauma and allow you to live a more normal life.
For more information:  Panic attacks or PTSD or EMDR

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