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Weight Loss and Weight Control

Eve Kelsey has successfully helped many of her clients reduce their weight to achieve their weight goals.
To take back control of eating habits using hypnosis and hypnotherapy, call 01737 842 683. 

Using hypnosis you can eliminate the desire for excess food.  Hypnosis will help you take back control in areas that cause you to overeat such as:

  • Eating too quickly
  • Eating when not hungry
  • Snacking in between meals
  • Ignoring the full signal
  • Eating everything on the plate when no longer hungry
  • Rewarding self
  • Boredom, loneliness, tiredness, feeling miserable, etc
  • Protecting self
  • Eating fattening, unhealthy foods


Using hypnotherapy to reduce weight

Treatment is over three sessions, spread over 4-6 week period.  It is beneficial if there is a 1-2 week gap between sessions 1 and 2, and 2-3 weeks between sessions 2 and 3.

This can be followed with booster sessions once a month for the next two months, tailored to individual needs.  You may not feel that you need all five sessions to achieve your goal. 

Each session is stand alone in that each can produce a change in your lifestyle and eating habits.

Whether you are a fast eater, a chocoholic, a comfort eater, a binge eater, a snacker, or you have an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia, hypnotherapy can help you regain control and confidence in the way you think about food and respond to food. 

Whether the eating pattern is habitual, emotional or psychological, hypnotherapy sessions will allow the subconscious mind to change the attitudes towards food.


Eating Habits

Eating habits can be readily changed.  If you continually snack, eat too many potatoes or crisps, snack on chocolate or cheese, or if you continually look in the fridge for more food, hypnotherapy puts you back in control and stops you being a slave to snacking and addictions.

If you eat too quickly or ignore the fact that you are full, or you just have to finish your plate because you just cannot let food go to waste, you can change the way you respond.  Using hypnosis, the relationship with food can be changed.


Emotional Eating

Many people eat because they are bored, lonely, tired, or miserable.  None of this has to do with hunger.  At some level they are trying to meet their emotional needs.  By dealing with their emotional hunger/needs, their emotions are fulfilled and the emotion simply goes away.



Forget about diets.  Diets allow people to become and remain obsessed with food.  By becoming focused on food, you are constantly reminded of food and your desire for food, even when you're not hungry.  Being preoccupied with thoughts of food is not conducive to losing weight.  Also the word "diet" is a message to the subconscious that the body is going through periods of starvation and deprivation so the body starts to store food as fat reserves.


Eating Disorders

Main characteristics of eating disorders are:

  • Abnormal eating behaviours such as starving and binge-eating which include behaviours such as inducing vomiting, excessive exercising or abuse of laxatives and diuretics.
  • Extreme concerns about weight, eating and bodily shape


Obesity is someone who overeats and is not considered to have an eating disorder, unless they begin to become very concerned about their body shape and weight, and take inappropriate measures to control body weight.


Anorexia Nervosa

The person starves him/herself and loses weight up to 15% or more below normal weight.  They are terrified of weight gain.  Women can experience loss of period and men can have a loss of sexual interest.   Some sufferers also binge and purge.


Bulimia Nervosa

The person binge eats and then uses extreme and inappropriate ways to control their body weight or body shape by either inducing vomiting, exercising excessively or using laxatives or diuretics in order to compensate for the bingeing.  They are very much concerned about their body weight.


Binge Eating Disorder

The person binge eats but does not carry out any compensatory behaviours.  Their weight increases above the normal range.



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