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Hypnosis to Stop Smoking in Crawley, Sussex


Stop smoking in a single session with better than 85% success rate! 

Enjoy your last cigarettes, come in for a session and leave as a non-smoker.  Whether you are a heavy or social smoker, it’s as easy as that.

Call Eve on 01737 842 683 for an appointment, or email. 

Enjoy the benefits of having more energy, feeling more in control, feeling physically fitter and healthier, having more money in your pocket, being free of the inconveniences, costs, worries and smells that cigarettes cause.

The subconscious mind stores and maintains the smoking habit by associating the times, the places and the feelings of when you smoke.  It becomes an automatic response. 

To change that automatic response we use hypnosis which allows you to create new associations and reinforces your decision to stop.  Hypnosis is a natural state that you enter into every day. 

The session is tailored specifically to you.  As well stop smoking, the session also focuses on eliminating many of the side effects that can come from quitting such as weight gain and cravings and any other internal conflicts. 

Testimonial:  “Since I’ve seen you I have not felt like a cigarette, not had a cigarette, not gone near a cigarette and not even been bothered by other people smoking them. Thank you very much – it worked brilliantly”.


How does smoking a cigarette become a habit?

Smoking your first cigarette probably made you feel a bit dizzy or made you cough because your body did not want it.  For one reason or another you kept at it - after all your friends around you or your parents smoked.  As you continued the unpleasant effect disappeared and your body accepted the fact that you were going to smoke cigarettes.  Smoking became a part of your life and your subconscious mind has now decided to integrate smoking into your daily routine… and it becomes an automated behaviour.  Now you don’t have to think about when you want to smoke or even if you want to smoke.  Your subconscious mind has linked the times (tea breaks), the places (the pub), the feelings (stress) to create this automatic behaviour.


Why can it be so difficult to quit smoking on your own?

The habit of smoking gets associated with everything you do - from waking in the morning, to finishing a meal, a quick break from work, having a drink, relaxation and social life.  That is why it can be hard to stub it out.

However when you decide to quit cigarettes, you decide this at a conscious level – but your subconscious mind has automated your smoking habit and made it a part of who you are.  It ignores your conscious desire and decision and continues to provide your conscious mind with the triggers and thoughts about smoking cigarettes.

As your subconscious mind is more dominant and therefore stronger than your conscious mind, you experience conflicting thoughts and desires.  That is why you can stop smoking cigarettes for a period of time but because of the conflicting desires of wanting to have a cigarette and wanting to stop smoking, the subconscious mind usually wins and you return to smoking again. 

So how can you get the subconscious mind to agree with your conscious decision? By using hypnosis and hypnotherapy - giving suggestions and guided imaginery to your subconscious mind to stop you smoking and become a non-smoker.


Smoking and Surgery

There are occasions when a smoker will be advised by their surgeon or doctor to quit smoking ahead of surgery.  At times smoking can be considered a risk factor for complications during and after surgery.  However, if you stop smoking in the weeks or months preceding the operation, the risk of complications can be significantly reduced.  For more information:  Smoking and Surgery


Smoking Facts

The detrimental health facts for smokers:  * ASH statistics

  • Each cigarette contains 4,000 different chemicals of which 128 are carcinogenic
  • Nicotine - stimulates the central nervous system - increases the heartbeat rate and blood pressure.
  • Tar - is deposited in the lungs and respiratory system and gradually absorbed.  Tar is a mixture of chemicals including: formaldehyde, benzene, arsenic, cyanide.
  • Carbon monoxide - binds to the haemoglobin in the bloodstream more easily than oxygen, thereby making the blood carry less oxygen around the body.

Enjoy the financial benefits:

  • 20 cigarettes a day per month = £180.
  • That’s £1,852 extra in your pocket per year, or £10,800 extra over 5 years.

Enjoy the health benefits:

  • After 48 hours nicotine is eliminated from the body
  • After 72 hours breathing starts to become easier
  • After 5 years the chances of dying from cancer are significantly reduced

It has been known since the 1950s that smoking causes lung cancer.  But smoking is also associated with more than 50 different diseases and disorders - many fatal.  Half of all people who continue to smoke will be killed by it - losing an average of 16 years of life.  In Britain, smoking kills 120,000 people per year.

Secondhand smoke causes a range of impacts from cancer and heart disease to irritation of eyes and stinking clothes.  Nearly half of all children in Britain live in a smoking household and over 17,000 under-5s are hospitalised as a result of their parents' smoking each year.   *ASH statistics



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