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EMDR for resolving Anxiety and PTSD


Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a very effective therapy that helps find relief from any anxiety, phobias, trauma, accidents and post traumatic stress disorder.

People come to therapy because they know something is wrong.  They feel locked up or stuck.  We can all feel fear, pain, guilt and despair or anger when certain experiences and pressures converge.  The message here is that we do not need to be trapped by these feelings.  EMDR removes the block that allows you to feel free again and in control.

Many events can be disturbing because of their personal significance.  Whenever the sufferer thinks about the trauma or anxious event, or when the memory is triggered by similar situations, the person may feel like they are reliving it, or may experience strong emotions and physical sensations.  EMDR is very effective and fast in desensitising these distressing thoughts and feelings in only a few sessions irrespective of how long the individual has had the memories.

For anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder treatment using EMDR and hypnosis, call Eve at the Surrey Hypnosis Clinic on 01737 842 683 or email


How EMDR can help

EMDR is most effective technique in treating anxiety disorders which follow a traumatic experience such as - serious road accident - car accident - military combat - battle fatigue - sexual assault - physical attack - verbal abuse - natural or man-made disasters.

During EMDR the client focuses on the emotionally disturbing material for very brief periods while simultaneously focusing on an external stimulus.  The external stimulation often used are eye movements, hand-tapping and auditory sounds.  This simultaneous focusing allows for the negative emotions to dissipate quite rapidly.  The mind stores and views the information in a different way.  Consistently, people report a dimming or distancing of the memory, describing it as feeling less intense, less vivid or more remote.  Feedback such as "now it feels like it's just something that happened" or "I feel more like an observer now" is frequently reported.

Rapid reduction in anxiety levels are achieved early on.   The current triggers are desensitised, the old memories of the past are quickly dissipated and new images evoking new positive feelings are experienced.

Combining EMDR and Hypnosis makes it a fast and effective therapy.



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